Sunday, April 20, 2008's already April 20th!

Been awhile. My apologies. Hopefully in a month or so, my posts will have a sense of regularity to it. As it is, it'll remain a weekend-only blog for the most part and that is the best you can expect right now. Oh wells.

The Braves are about to start the third game of a three game set with the Dodgers in which they've already taken the first two. The pitching for all its negatives has been pretty good. Third fewest hits, fifth fewest runs, least homers, and fifth most K's. How long that keeps up despite the asinine amount of injuries is unknown.

The hitting has been pretty good, too. Ranks in the top five in AVG, OBP, and SLG. The OBP should come up as players like Teix and KJ settle into their more normal numbers.

So, why are they still a game under .500? Well, baseball is shitty like that from time to time. They are three games under their expected win-loss record of 11-6, which is fourth behind Arizona, St. Louis, and New York in the NL.

Really, there isn't that much to be worrying about? The injuries are unfortunate, but only Moylan's injury seems serious. Soriano, Glav, and Hampton should return within the next few weeks.

I know a lot of people want to sound the alarm. KJ's not walking enough, Diaz looks surprisingly mortal (and playing himself into a platoon), the bullpen isn't good enough, Mark Kotsay is sure to get hurt, and Bobby's picking his nose again. But really, I don't see a lot to be worried about just yet.


Last year's Governor's Cup Champs, the Richmond Braves, are off to an 11-6 start. Top prospects Brent Lillibridge and Brandon Jones are both struggling, though Clint Sammons is posting an OPS near 1.000 and Josh Anderson is doing his thing. Jo-Jo Reyes is dominating AAA batters. 14 scoreless innings with five hits allowed, five walks, and 18 K's. Phil Stockman is looking good too.

Isaiah Kaaihue is off to another bad start for Mississippi, mustering a .516 OPS. The team ERA is well over 5.00 for the struggling M-Braves.

The M-Braves will likely get Thomas Hanson soon. Hanson, currently with the Pelicans, has allowed one unearned run in 22 innings. If that's not impressive enough, he's allowed five hits, walked five, and struck out 32.

Rome has a lot of talent, but the hitting and pitching is both struggling to get going. They may struggle this year, but I feel as far as prospects go, this is the best team the Braves minor leagues will support this year.