Saturday, August 23, 2008


I'm being no-hit by Barry Zito in Out of the Park, but even that's not as bad as the Braves have been recently. 18-3 loss yesterday which would have amusing if the Rams had been beating the Falcons by that score. Instead, it was the Cardinals beating the Braves. I think LaRussa shouldn't have settled for so many field goals, but that's why I'm not a coach.

Holy shinazzle (I am a German thug), Jeff Francoeur with the infield single to break up the no-no.

Back to real baseball, the Braves are now 6 and 15 in August. In 21 games, they have scored 86 runs, which isn't too terrible I guess. They have allowed 127. Since June 1st, the Braves are a horrible 27-46. They are 17 games under .500. They have lost six straight and 11 of 12.

So, basically, things are bad, mmmmk?

This team is so bad on so many levels. Martin Prado, all of 17 professional homeruns since singing as an undrafted free agent, has been getting starts at first. Omar Infante, all of 35 major league homeruns since 2002, has been the fifth placed hitter. Even Chipper Jones has struggled in August, hitting .289 with just one homerun.

And God help me, do I even want to mention the pitching? The starting rotation's ERA in the second half...5.62. The bullpen has been even worse...7.36.

The 80's Braves teams are calling and saying "damn man, that's rough."

The 119 loss Tigers team a few years ago just sent a txt, "keep yo head up."

Tanner of the Bad News Bears just yelled, "God damn, man, kick some fucking ass."

The way the team is playing, they wouldn't even beat the Hawaii Little League team.

Is it over yet?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Glavine's Last Stand

Well, it looks like the sun has set on the career of Tom Glavine. It's his last call. One last dying breath.

Perhaps I've cliche'd myself up too much. Anywho, according to the World Wide Leader in Poorly Covered Sports...

Braves pitcher Tom Glavine is out for the season, and his illustrious career could be over if he needs major surgery on his injured left elbow.

The 42-year-old Glavine still hopes to return next year -- unless he needs elbow ligament replacement surgery.

According to another link I read, Glavine would be "shocked" if there wasn't anything wrong with his elbow. So chances are heavy that Glavine has hit the end of the road. He's a sure Hall of Famer, a 300 game winner, a two time Cy Young winner, a World Series MVP, and a hell of a slapshot.

So...big thumbs up on that signing!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Matt Effin DeSalvo?

The Braves are so bad off that recently activated Tom Glavine hits the DL a-GIN and we call up Matt DeSalvo. He's not even a AAAA pitcher having a good year. I know win-loss records aren't that helpful, but something tells me that no amount of sabermetrics will put a positive spin on a 2-11 record at AAA.

This just in...Richmond is horrible.

Where's Brad Woodall when you need him?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Um, yeah

So my last post talked about renewed faith. Well, that went away with Francoeur's promotion after, oh, three hours. Maybe it was five hours, but I know the demotion did not last nearly long enough. Since then, the Braves have officially packed it in, trading Teix to the Angels for Casey Krotchman (thanks Francoeur) and some minor league pitcher. I am not going to delve into whether the Braves got enough. Either way, it's done and gone.

Also gone is Tim Hudson. Tommy John. Oh happy day...

Also gone, but with great sadness, Skip Carey. While Skip was never my favorite announcer, he was a fun one to listen to. You can find several links to quotes, tributes, etc. at this chopnation link. By the way, we have closed off new members from easily coming on board due to spam. If you want to join chopnation, register and then e-mail me. You'll be in shortly.

What else...

Oh, Jeff Francoeur sucks. Like seriously. Like, even AJC is saying it. I mean, when Bobby finally breaks down and says..."ya know, I'd rather start an outfield of Infante, Kotsay, and Blanco than have you start Francoeur" your career took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

Charlie Morton has had a few good starts. Still not nearly convinced he's much of anything.

Tom Glavine's returning Wednesday. I am really hoping he has a nice few starts and the Braves can pull a waiver deal.

What to look forward the rest of the way...see if KJ can finally turn the corner this season. He's been flirting with really good and really average great will McCann's season rank in Braves history among catchers?...can Chipper stay healthy and hit well enough to take home a batting title?...can Jurrjens finish strong and make it really hard for the baseball writers to ignore what he has done this year?...what roles will Brandon Jones, Brent Lillibridge, and Jo-Jo Reyes play in September?

I am actually interested in what happens the rest of the way. After all, according to the Forbes, I am quite loyal to the Braves.